Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day seeks to build onramps to employment for recently-arrived refugees. Beautiful Day RI

We currently own a social enterprise–an artisan granola company. We nourish the health of our community by providing first jobs and on-the-job training for highly vulnerable populations while producing delicious locally-made food products. We are making plans for our own granola kitchen that can double as an incubator to help refugees start their own businesses. Our ultimate goal is to develop a transferable model that could serve vulnerable populations facing daunting job-entry barriers.

We chose the name Beautiful Day because we seek to empower people, whose lives have been shattered, to move forward one day at at time.

One of our convictions is that refugees who desperately want to work should have that opportunity. Refugees don’t flee their homes and all they’ve known and loved in hopes of receiving a welfare EBT card. They want to work. Many of them have already endured the very worst the world has to offer. Some have spent decades in camps on their journey to America. For them, a job is a sign of arrival and belonging. A job means they can finally start supporting themselves and their families. Jobs lead to learning and cultural understanding. Jobs build confidence and improve mental health. Jobs open the door to integration.

We believe that refugees are incredible gifts to our communities, yet we’re deeply concerned about the lack of hands-on job-training available to them. While cities like Providence invest resources in resettlement, the lack of onramps into work threaten to leave refugees hidden and marginalized.

So we decided to do something about it.

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