Our mission is to create hope by developing income earning social enterprises that benefit those in need. We provide consulting, business acceleration and seed capital fundraising to nonprofit partners to help build businesses.

We are focused on working with existing nonprofits to help them create employment and other benefits for those they serve. These nonprofits already have needed infrastructure in place, but often lack the resources to fully develop successful businesses. We focus on those nonprofits serving those in great need – the poorest communities, abandoned or orphaned children, and victims of sex trafficking.

We believe in the power of market forces to help fight poverty. Our focus is on “teaching to fish” vs. giving a fish. We believe in empowering those we serve. We believe in hope.


Ventures for Hope is organized as a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible. VH is funded by organizations, individuals and foundations who want to address poverty in a new way. Ventures for Hope donor “investors” do not receive a monetary return on investment as they would in a traditional investment, but they do receive a significant satisfaction return in knowing their donation will return jobs, opportunity, and provision for those in need.

In order to fund and expand our operations, Ventures for Hope will also charge a 5% “fee” on incremental income generated for our nonprofit partners. However, we do not expect this to cover a significant portion of our costs for some time.

Ventures for Hope was founded with the belief that those of us blessed with resources have a responsibility to help those in need – and the best way to help is often by providing a path to self-sufficiency.

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